What My Dyslexia Has Taught Me

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

One of my biggest struggles is maintaining confidence in myself.

I'm a slow reader, and when it comes to spelling I struggle with that and hate it. I think to myself when it comes to certain words, “I don’t even know If I can spell that at my age.” That’s one of the biggest things I struggle with, not to mention how embarrassing it is and I'm only getting older. This ties into when I graduated high school. I probably had the IQ or reading level of a middle school kid if I was lucky.

Everyone struggles with something. But sometimes it seems like I have a lot more issues because of the dyslexia that affects me daily.

One thing I do to help me feel better is compare myself to others and think I'm better looking or I can beat up that guy because I'm in better shape. I'm just kidding! Sarcasm and humor is what helps me. I might have sucked at everything that has to do with school and still struggle with that and maybe always will. We all struggle with different things. I try and stay positive and focus on my humor and make people laugh and stay happy as best as I can because life is short.

I know what it’s like to be down, hate yourself, never thinking you will ever be good enough for yourself or whatever. You know what: it’s all in your head. I know how much my wife and family love and care about me which has made a difference.

I have read over 75 books now. I have published two books and have three others in draft mode right now. How many dreamed of publishing a book one day and I’ve done it twice in nine months?

I'm not saying that to make myself sound like a big deal. It’s a perspective thing. We are all different and we all go through different stuff. It might not always be easy but once you can fully embrace your strengths and weaknesses, that is when you can finally start to feel free and that’s when you start truly living.



Peter A. Harrower is the author of The World Through My Dyslexic Eyes, Battling Learning Disabilities Depression and Finding Purpose and The World Through Bella's Eyes: A Pit Bulls Story. You can read more about Peter and his journey at PeterHarrower.com.

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