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Tools To Help & Inspire Those With LDs

When I grew up, all the help and inspiration came from my teachers and my parents as there was no Internet. LD kids and young adults often feel overwhelmed by the Internet and technology in general, but there are many helpful websites and many stories told that can help.

Here are some links to help and inspire those of us with Learning Disabilities and Learning Differences:

Students in New York with Disabilities Will Have a New Chance to Complete Education: A new law that will be in effect at the beginning of September 2022 will give students with disabilities a chance to finish and complete their education interrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Here is a Video with Tiffanie Brown who is the Principal and Founder of the BLE Schools for children who don’t have and do have learning disabilities. She talks about how they help the kids with LD’s.

An alarming study finds that children are more likely to die prematurely who have learning disabilities.

The Human Rights Act Helps People with Disabilities More than You think. Twenty-year-old Marshall, who has physical and learning disabilities, just graduated from Staffordshire University in England with a law degree with the help of his mother and the human rights legislation.

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