Thoughts on Isolation

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

I have always wondered what it would be like if the vast oceans of time stopped.

Well, now I know. This time of COVID-19 has been difficult for our country. I think we need to work together towards true equality for everyone in our society if we are ever going to survive challenging times like this.

Being alone can teach us about ourselves, like what you can excel at and what you don’t need to dwell on. People are often pessimists about themselves and only find light in their minds when they feel a sense of accomplishment. In times of seclusion, we must be thankful for and focus on what we have and not what our restless minds tell us we want.

Right now, we need to see the situation of other people’s lives. In these grave hours, it is already hard to take care of ourselves, but we have to care and think of others right now more than ever.

Sometimes in times of magnitude, the little things can end up being the biggest things.

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