My Thoughts on 2020

This has been quite a year and there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Normally when I do a year-end blog, I am always so worried that I am going to sound repetitive.

This year is different though.

This year has been politically polarizing, making many jobs like mine and many journalists especially hard. I could go on and on about how foul this year has been for so many. One thing I have been thinking about a lot is my dad and wishing so much that he was alive and in his prime right now. Editing the Washington Post like he did to uncover the truth.

How do we get by? My father used to say that when things get tough, “you just have to hunker down.” If you have family around you, it can be a lot easier to do that, but it can also be harder as well. Families keep you busy, especially if you have children. You have to work hard to keep food on the table and make sure they are okay. If you are alone or have been alone through 2020, the only thing you can do is hope.

Hope. No matter what our situation is, hope is what makes us human, it is what makes us have a will to live.

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