Spotlight On: SNL and Reading Cue Cards

While many of us enjoy Saturday Night Live these days from home, what you may not know is that the celebrity host and cast members have to read lines off cue cards as the show rehearses for a very short period of time. Many actors with dyslexia have shared their anxiety about wanting to be on the show and having to deal with the reality of reading and performing on the fly.

One actor who has been public about his dyslexia is former Community star, Joel McHale. This past February, McHale joined former SNL cast member Kevin Nealon on a hike where he shared his thoughts on dyslexia and having to read from teleprompters in his jobs (the section on dyslexia starts at 9:45 and runs to 10:54 if you want to skip ahead. Some strong language in other parts of the video.)

Another celebrity with dyslexia who has had the same anxiety about hosting SNL is Orlando Bloom. In September of last year, Bloom shared in this article with USA TODAY his nervousness about having to read the cue cards but that if he were asked to do it now he would "in a heartbeat."

Orlando Bloom (photo: David M. Benett, WireImage)

While most of us may not be hosting SNL, there will come times when we find ourselves in similar situations, needing to read or perform text in public. So when you are feeling anxious, afraid, and needing support let these two examples show: you are not alone.

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