Quinn Interviews Author Peter Harrower

"I always saw things differently."

In his latest interview, Quinn sits down via ZOOM with Friends of Quinn guest blogger, LD advocate, and author Peter Harrower. The Pennsylvania based writer is the author of the books, The World Through My Dyslexic Eyes, Battling Learning Disabilities Depression and Finding Purpose and The World Through Bella's Eyes: A Pit Bulls Story. Peter shares with Quinn how he became a writer, where he finds inspiration and offers insights into growing up and thriving with dyslexia. They also compare quarantine beards!

"I always pictured I was meant to do something special."

We hope Peter's story will invite you to read more, write more, and learn to celebrate your gifts every day. To learn more about Peter's story and to find out more about his books, visit peterharrower.com.


If you or someone you know has a story that you think needs to be shared, let us know! Friends of Quinn is always looking for inspiring stories of young creatives with LDs for blogs and interviews. Just drop us a line at info@friendsofquinn.com, and tell us what you're up to!

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