My Resolutions 2021

Happy New Year! It’s that time when we meditate on resolutions and goals for the year. When thinking about my resolutions for 2021, I don’t have lot of goals except for three.

I want to continue growing into being a better stepfather for my daughter and wife.

I always think it’s good to have multiple plans in life. With that in mind, I would really like to start a whiskey distillery again and have my own business. Nowadays there are ways to age your whiskey faster and you don’t have to wait decades for good product.

I would like to finish my new book on my own as much as possible. The focus for this book is to continue telling the story I started with my last book, A Different Life: Growing Up Learning Disabled and Other Adventures. I want to continue talking about my family, what I have learned from doing Friends of Quinn with all of you, and what is next.

I would love to hear what everyone’s goals are in 2021. I know everybody has at least one. I think one goal we all have in common right now is to come out of this pandemic safe and healthy.

Happy 2021!

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