How I Stay Positive Now

Going into the craziness with the world right now, I tried to stay positive in the beginning.

I thought to myself, “I get to work on my books more and keep plugging away at my fiction series.” Fast forward to now: I have been plugging away with it and I'm getting closer to being done and finishing book one.

Sometimes though, your mind and your surroundings can get the best of you. Over the last few years, I’ve slowly been working on and trying to get a more positive mindset and build a better work ethic. I’ve improved so much over the years. Now, that doesn’t mean I'm done or I’m pleased with where I am right now. I'm only getting started.

With the unknown in the world right now, you might have to ask others for help and for tips or guidance with whatever obstacle you might be battling. This is something I'm still working on myself.

I continue to keep plugging away at my books and define my goals for them. I keep on working on becoming a better writer so I can do what I’ve wanted to do since I was 21: inspire and entertain others.

That now includes me wanting to entertain you with my fiction series. I want to give you an action-packed, keep you on the edge of your seat, not wanting to put the book down experience. I want to distract you and give you something that entertains you on your bad days and helps you through struggles you might be going through.

Or maybe I can inspire you with my personal story of barely graduating high school diagnosed with dyslexia and never thinking I would amount to anything or ever be successful. I’m now a two-time published author and have read over 100 books in a little more than seven years. Now I am going to schools to share my story with kids. I want to try and help make a positive impact on others.

Is my plan perfect? Of course not. Will I have bad days and mess up? Yes, I will. But the biggest thing I can tell you is to not give up and to keep pushing forward even when you don’t want to.



Peter is an advocate for those with LDs and the author of the books The World Through My Dyslexic Eyes, Battling Learning Disabilities Depression and Finding Purpose and The World Through Bella's Eyes: A Pit Bulls Story. You can find out more at

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