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Health Update

Updated: Mar 15

I'm feeling much better!

I wanted to give my readers an update on my health after last week. I returned home from the hospital about a week ago with the antibiotics they gave me (which were basically a less strong version of the fluids) and a bad cough. The cough was most likely because of the pneumonia I had, and it’s gotten a lot better. I’m feeling back to normal health now but I haven’t stopped reflecting on how different this hospital experience was compared to my others.

As I said in my last blog, it was my first Christmas spent in the hospital, which also meant it was my first Christmas spent alone. Before I go any further I’d like to note that I am in no way looking for pity or tears. This is not an uncommon experience for me: I’ve spent a lot of time in hospitals since I was a baby due to my VCFS. I’ve learned how to focus on the positives that come from these things, like how much more I will value spending time with my family during Christmas now.

I’ve always felt like Christmas is about being with my family, so being alone in the hospital and not being able to go home because of my poor health made me think about my family even more than usual. It made me really appreciate my family and health, and I realized that no matter how strong I am, I am not invincible. This year I am going to take extra special care of myself because of this reminder that I’m nothing without my health. Happy New Year everybody, I hope you all are able to focus on the positives of this year.

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