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Genesis of the Bradlee's Part I

Thanks to the wonderful technology of DNA, we now know that anybody with the surname Bradley in their family tree is a direct descendant of Niall Noigiallach or in English, Niall of the Nine Hostages, 126th High King of Ireland. His family line goes all the way back to Conn Ceadchatach mac Feideil, 110th High King of Ireland and the progenitor of O’Quinn, the clan that my mother is paternally descended from. Conn had a very unfortunate death as he was murdered by 50 ruffians dressed as women who were ordered by the King of Ulster about the year 57 A.D. Niall was killed in about the year 405 in Boulogne by the Prince of Leinster. Conn’s paternal lineage continues all the way back to Mil Espania or “Soldier of Spain,” who married Princess Tmar of Judah whose father was Zedekia, the 22nd and last King of Judah whose great grandfather was Solomon ben David, 2nd King of Judah whose himself was the little shepherd boy David, who became the first King of Judah himself after defeating Goliath, the Giant. Mil’s Espania’s son was Ereamhon mac Miled anglicized as Hermon who became the second High King of Ireland. Hermon’s mother was Princess Scota of Egypt whose father was Necho II, Pharaoh of Egypt who was born about 660 BC and died about 595 BC. He is a direct descendant in the maternal line of Ramses I, Pharaoh of Egypt I (c.1302 BC-1213 BC).

The one thing people don’t realize about the ancient Irish is that they were really like what the Italian Mafia was back in the 30’s in New York; however the Italian gangs have always been called the mafia, and Irish gangs have always been called the mob. The clan warfare in Ireland almost shaped the landscape itself. Families were killing families, they were bringing them together by marriage and killing each other because of that very reason. All clans today in Ireland are descended from the ancient nobles, princes, kings and even the infamous Ard Ri or High King, which was just below the title of Emperor. The High Kings like the ancient King of Kings of ancient Persia, they were kings of all the kings without being emperors. The clans in Ireland were sometimes even more powerful than the kings themselves were and is a great saga that should be told. Kings, princes, nobles and clansmen were constantly killing each other for the control of Ireland. Once you were born into the land of Erin or Ireland it would almost call you to do whatever it would take to get to the crown, even to have your whole family killed.

Gospatrick, Earl of Dunbar

The first ancestor in the paternal line of the Bradlee family of Boston is Duncan I, Thane of Dull whose son was also Duncan who was born about the year 920 A.D., who was also Thane of Dull and died in about 965 A.D. His son was Also Duncan but he held the title of Thane of Atholl who was born about 949 AD and died about 1010 AD. His son was the famed Crinan of Dunkeld, Hereditary Abbott of Dunkeld who was born about 976 and died in 1045. In the year 1000 he married Princess Bethoc was the eldest daughter of Mael Coluim mac Cinaeda if Scotia also known as Malcolm II of Scotland (c.954 - 25 Nov 1034) who died in Glamis, Scotland and was from the House of Alpin. King Malcolm’s father was Coinneach mac Mhaoil Chalium anglicized to Kenneth II of Scotland who was born in the year 995 possibly in Fettercairn which is now in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. Crinan and Princess Bethoc had two sons, the eldest was Donnchadh mac Crionain anglicized as Duncan I of Scotland (15 Aug 1001-14 Aug 1040) and then the second was Maldred, King of Cumbria (c.1007-c.1045).

Duncan I of Scotland, Son of Crinan of Dunkeld

The First Bradley recorded in history was Dolphin de Bradeley, Earl of Northumbria who was born about 1060 in Lothain, Scotland and died at the Battle of the Standard on 22 Aug 1138 in Cowton Moor, near Northallerton in Yorkshire, England. He was the eldest of three sons of the famous Prince Gospatic, Earl of Dunbar who had been some time Earl of Northumbria, but then exiled to Scotland where he became the latter thanks to Malcolm III of Scotland.

Malcolm Canmore III of Scotland

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