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5 Things I Would Change If I Were President

  1. Education: No more standardized testing. I understand that tests are a way for teachers and ultimately the government to see how students in a country are learning. What they forget to put into consideration, however, is that each of us learns differently, so “standardized” testing can’t possibly demonstrate each individual’s ability. Children can be wildly successful learners but when it comes to testing, they simply go blank. It is proven to be unfair, unhelpful, and overall not the best way for most students to learn, and is especially harmful for those of us in the LD community.

  2. Homelessness: I would make sure that every American had a roof over their head. There are so many jobs that are needed, and I believe that we could be putting more of our tax dollars towards supporting a pipeline from homelessness to the workforce. For example, restaurants and schools, and large office buildings always need more help cleaning. They could use the money that they earn doing this work to help them live in communal homes and afford food. We also need help cleaning our neighborhoods, streets, and parks, and we could have crews paid to do that work. Homeless shelters as they are now are not cutting it. I’m not saying that I would abolish homeless shelters, I’m just saying that there needs to be another way that’s better. It would be a long process, but I think programs like this would help more people in the long run than not.

  3. Hate Groups: I would put an end to all hate groups. The reason why the U.S. Capital Building was rioted was because of hate groups if you ask me. I understand that there is this thing called free speech, however, if your speech is going to cause somebody to get hurt or to get killed, that would not be okay with me.

  4. The Environment: I would build carbon capture towers to the height of whatever the tallest building is in every city. Hopefully, with technology, we can shrink the towers to the point that every household would have them in their backyard, and they would be the size of a generator. Using this kind of technology would reduce carbon emissions, which are one of the biggest issues in climate change.

  5. Health and Medicine: Pharmaceutical companies are allowed to set the price of drugs based on whatever they want. I would lower the cost of medicine from what it is now to be something actually affordable for all Americans. People shouldn’t have to sell their homes so they can afford their medicine; they should not even have to think about it.

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