Video Interview: Filmmaker Krys Kornmeier

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

“Where could we find real-life examples of what it is like to live successfully day to day with LD and ADHD?”

This past fall, Quinn interviewed Kyrs Kornmeier, Director/Producer of NORMAL ISN’T REAL, a documentary which features, “successful young adults sharing their stories of coming to terms with their LD and ADHD issues.” In their interview, Krys talks about being a parent herself of a son with an LD and ADHD, and how she got into the business of making films. Krys also offers advice to aspiring filmmakers and offers encouraging words to those with LDs and ADHD.

NORMAL ISN’T REAL looks to, “help young people struggling with ADHD and LD reach their full potential,” and leave viewers, “equipped with insights and tools they might adapt to their own lives, and (offer) a large dose of inspiration.” As we enter a holiday season of celebration and reflection, Friends of Quinn hopes this candid spotlight on this important film and director will leave you feeling all the more ready to chase down and accomplish your goals in 2020 and beyond.

For more information on NORMAL ISN’T REAL including screenings and how you can book the film to be shown in your community, visit

*All quotes pulled from promotional materials for NORMAL ISN’T REAL. Many thanks for Krys and Natalie!

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