Genealogy & Self-Esteem

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

I find a lot of people, especially young adults, often wonder how and why they are the way they are. “Where do I come from?” is a very common and human question. I have always advocated that researching your family history can help you answer those questions. Research has shown that knowing where you come from can be a great thing for one’s self-esteem. It certainly has been for me.

I myself never met my grandparents and I can remember always asking my father about them. I was fourteen when I became really keen on knowing more and started asking questions. My dad, exasperated by my curiosity, showed me our family Bible which is a historical record of our family tree. Once I took a look at my family history, my life changed forever.

I studied our family history all the time from then on, and my dad added to it, telling me that my grandfather was on the first football team at Harvard in 1912 and eventually played on the first All-American football team. My dad showed me a photo album of all of his games. They were undefeated for four years! There was so much more to learn about my grandfather, but these facts about his football days boosted my confidence level and in some strange way, gave me hope about myself.

I truly believe that the more you know about your family history, the more you learn about yourself and can boost your self-esteem. It made me feel if my grandfather could do all that, then maybe I too can do something great.

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