Making a Difference Through Civic Engagement

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

As people all over the country prepare to go to the polls this week, Friends of Quinn wants to wish you a safe and empowering primary day. Remember, those with differences can make a difference. A reminder of that comes form this 2018 blog post from Quinn which talks about the importance of civic engagement and showing up for what you believe in.

Want to learn more about getting out the vote and your rights? Click here and learn about OUR TIME OUR VOTE, NCLD's initiative to get people with all disabilities to the polls!


A month ago, I was watching the documentary John McCain: For Whom The Bell Tolls and felt inspired to get more involved in politics. The documentary showed me that with persistence, there is hope that both sides of the aisle can get along and make a difference. I’ve always felt that politics and politicians can help change our world for the better, especially for those with learning differences.

In my experience, it can be hard to know what the first step is in becoming more active and making a difference. I asked one of my godmothers about how I can get more involved. She kept it simple and told me: “Go to events."

Taking her advice, my wife, Fabiola, and I attended information sessions and volunteered at organizations serving the Latino community, which we are both passionate about. We helped with their phone banking. That’s when you are given a list of people to call and try to get them to vote for candidates who support the Latino community or another cause you believe in. Fab and I also attended an event at CASA, which is an organization that, “ to create a more just society by building power and improving the quality of life in working class and immigrant communities.” In these ways, we have been able to attend events and get more involved in helping both the LD and Latino communities.

While I have my own ambitions for the future, it has been insightful to meet so many people who are making change. Recently, we decided to play a bigger role by holding a party to get out the vote. This event at our home in Maryland was aimed at heightening awareness about certain issues that matter to us and increasing voter turnout in our upcoming elections. While we aimed the party at the Latino and disability communities, all are welcome and must be involved, as it is important we all vote.

Our goal -- and what we hope for anyone who gets involved -- is to help make our world a better place for everyone. Stay involved, go vote, and try to attend a meeting in your local area. One by one, we can together make a difference.

photo: my wife Fabiola and I at a recent event

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