Stay Calm, You Have To

A message from a few years ago written by Quinn that may speak to you today. The Friends of Quinn community wishes everyone to stay safe and stay tuned for resources in the coming weeks about online learning as well as other blogs for the LD community.

When issues heat up in our country, I have to remember to calm myself down. We are living through a real turning point in our nation’s history, one in which leaders of our country don’t like the media. It reminds me of the Watergate Scandal from 1972, which investigative journalism helped expose. When my father published the Pentagon Papers in The Washington Post, investigative journalism was at the root of uncovering and ultimately addressing the controversy.

Sometimes the chaos can feel like being lost in the wilderness. I feel the more one starts to panic, the less chance they have of survival. Being mindful every day of the power of your voice, being rational and staying calm are the best ways to keep going and to keep asking questions about all the living history around us.

originally published 9/19/18

photo by Quinn Bradlee

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