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Updated: Mar 17, 2020

As the year comes to an end and I look back on 2017, there are many highlights that I am really proud of. The best thing professionally that happened to me this year has to be working with HBO and having them accept my idea to create a documentary, The Newspaperman, about my dad Ben Bradlee of the Washington Post.

For me, getting the documentary made was about not only honoring my father’s legacy, it was also about having something that his family would have to remember him by and show for future descendants. After his death in 2014, I started finding all this footage of him, like an interview he did with Martin Luther King Jr., which I didn't know he had done. I wanted to put all the pieces together.

Years ago, I knew I wanted to go to New York Film Academy because at first, I wanted to get as far away from journalism as I possibly could. Fast-forward a few years later, I created Friends of Quinn and I started to interview people for the site. I didn’t think much of this at first. However, it dawned on me later that I was, in fact, engaging in a kind of video journalism interviewing people with a camera. Now, the more interviews I do and the older I get, the more I realize that I love journalism. I guess you could say that it’s in my blood and it was an inevitable career path for me.

Speaking of big interviews and 2017, I had the chance to sit-down this past fall with legendary singer-songwriter Peter Yarrow. You may know him as the writer of the famed children's book and song, “Puff the Magic Dragon." Peter also runs a non-profit organization called Operation Respect that aims to combat bullying and, “(bring) to children, in schools and camps, a curriculum of tolerance and respect for each other’s differences.”

That interview will premiere in January 2018 as will many more video interviews, blogs, and resources on Friends of Quinn. I can’t wait to see what happens in 2018.

Have a great New Year!

-image courtesy of HBO-

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