Selling Grey Gardens

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

Last summer, my mom and I went up to Grey Gardens as we always do during the month of August. I have written about our house in the Hamptons before on Friends of Quinn, highlighting its storied history and what it has meant to me and my family.

This visit was different, though. There was a melancholy in the air that we had never felt before. During this visit, my mother realized that almost all of her and my father’s friends whom they used to have over for parties and dinners were no longer around.

My mom and I both felt that with my father’s passing and the passage of time, it was an end of an era. I stayed for a couple of weeks and then went back home to be with my girlfriend.

People say that all good things must come to an end and I think that is very true. No matter how good or perfect you think something, at some point, it will change. That is the natural way of things. We all need some kind of change in our lives sometimes and I think that there are many lessons and morals to be learned when we embrace change.

On this visit, we both realized that sometimes to move on, sometimes you have to let things go. Fast-forward a few months and my mom has put the house on the market. I love this story from the New York Times where she talks about how much the house has meant to us and how important it is to us to find the right buyer.

Have you ever had to say goodbye to a home or place that was meaningful for you? Reach out and let me know.


(photo by Christopher Gregory for The New York Times)

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