February Visual Playlist: Celebrating Women and Young People

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

In this month's Visual Playlist, I wanted to highlight women and girls who have dyslexia. Dyslexia occurs in both boys and girls, and some experts believe girls may tend to hide their dyslexia more often than boys.

I have always been in awe of scholars at elite institutions, and Dr. Catherine Drennan is no exception. Her video and story made me feel really proud and impressed by her journey to MIT.

Enjoy and if you have videos, articles or women—or men!—in your life that inspire you, let me know either in an e-mail or in the comments below. Happy viewing.


The Young People of YES! Speak Out

A short video introducing us to the young people of YES!, a peer-to-peer youth initiative within the Learning Ally community. Founded in Denver, YES! stands for Youth Examples of Self-Advocacy, and is a community powered by some of the young people you see here.

“What is Dyslexia?” with Hollie Wakeham

Meet Hollie Wakeham, a fashion and beauty vlogger who talks in this video about her dyslexia. Another great example of how video blogging is changing the way we talk about our learning differences.

8th Grader Jade Shares Her Dyslexia Story

Meet Jade, an outspoken advocate for herself. This video was produced by Undertstood.org, a flagship program of the National Center for Learning Disabilities.

MIT Professor Catherine Drennan Ph.D

Catherine Drennan Ph.D.: "Don't listen to what anyone tells you what you can or cannot do. There is no dyslexia ceiling. Doesn't exist unless you create it in your own mind."

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