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Friends of Quinn is a program of the National Center for Learning Disabilities and is dedicated to providing resources for young people with learning differences

"D for Dyslexia" by Ashley Jacobs

Updated: Mar 18

Welcome to 2017! To kick things off, I would like to introduce you to a filmmaker named Ashley Jacobs. Even though I don’t know Ashley personally, I am extremely proud of him for making a short documentary about dyslexia called, D for Dyslexia. In this video, he interviews adults, students and experts, some of whom have dyslexia themselves. Every time I come across a member of our community who is trying to get the word out about dyslexia, it makes me feel proud.

Ashley’s film shows if you are skilled with a camera, then you can do so many things to get the word out there about your learning difference. And if you are not skilled with a camera, you can still talk about learning differences and help to educate your peers, teachers and even to your own family. Kudos to Ashley Jacobs. Please watch his film.