My Mother

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

My mother.

I have yet to meet someone with as much ambition to lead the best life possible. She loves going to her dance classes and workouts not only for her own health benefit, but so she can continue to “increase her lifespan” and be around as long as possible for me. I like to joke that you would literally have to cut off her legs in order for her to not go to her dancing and workout sessions. You know what? Even then she would still find a way to go.

My mother never seems to stop working and yet she always seems to have time for me. Even when she doesn't, she always makes up for it. Sometimes with our schedules I will go days without seeing my mom, yet that will never stop her from giving me a call. I always thought I was the only person that had that type of relationship with their mother. Sometimes, I even thought that maybe it was all a bit too much. The more I have talked to people though, the more I have realized that there are people who talk to their moms at least once a day

My mother has taught and shown me the meaning of unconditional love and unending patience, and for that I will always be indebted to her. As an adult, I see now how children can behave and I joke that I would have gone and kicked my childhood self into behaving a long time ago if I could. Both my parents and especially my mother were saints for putting up with me all those years.

One of my first lessons as a child that my mother taught me was,do unto others as you would have them do unto you. I have lived my life by that. Over the years, I have also learned that this lesson is not as common as one might imagine. I always joke and say that the only way I could ever pay back my mother would be by buying a private airplane. Even then, that wouldn't be close to repaying my motherfor everything that she has done for me.

Thank you mom, and Happy Mother's Day to you and all the great mothers out there. -Quinn

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