My Personal Workspace and Finding Your Own

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

II think creating a personal workspace is very important. It's like having your own personal living room and library that represents your occupation or what you may want to do. It can be your everything space and can reflect your personality. I personally prefer to work at home rather than an office.

One downside is that you can get a little lonely after a while when you work by yourself. However, when you work at home you really do have more options to make your office / work space the way you want and there aren't as many distractions. I can listen to music, open a window, and decorate or re-arrange my space any way I want.

Right now, I have American Hereditary Society certificates on one wall, and on the other I have two swords crossing each other -- one of them is my maternal grandfather's saber sword. On another wall I have an antique French poster that my dad bought while he was living in Paris. It illustrates an American "Old Glory" flag with an American Bald Eagle in front of the flag that my dad had in his office.

Wherever you choose to study, work, write, or create, I think a workspace should reflect you. As I go back to work here, I leave with this question to you: what kind of spaces do you study or work in?


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