Spotlight On: Paul Orfalea Talks Dyslexia and Success

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

I wanted to share today a great video about Paul Orfalea. He is the founder of the copy and print chain Kinko's. He is also dyslexic. A really interesting statement that he says in this interview is that one should, "...just go and be stupid for a day and do what you want to do." He also said his mother once told him that, " your twenties try everything, in your thirties figure out what you do best, in your forties make money from what you do best, and in your fifties just don't do too much." A problem he sees for students now is that they are, "...seduced by good grades and getting accolades from other people.

Mr. Orfalea wants students to go out and experiment more than they already do. Good advice from our of our fellow dyslexic minds. - Quinn


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