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FROM THE ARCHIVES: Quinn shared some thoughts back in 2015 that resonate loudly now. Take a read and remember, sometimes we just have to "wake-up" and face what is in front of us, even in the face of losing a loved one.


I have always loved learning. Whether it’s uncovering the etymology of words, tracing my family history, or researching for my latest interview, the act and art of learning is ubiquitious; we are learning every day. I am inspired and motivated in general to be as educated as I possibly can. This thirst for knowledge came from a strenuous childhood dealing with my learning differences. I also just so happen to come from a family that is interested in succeeding and being the best people they can be. Being their son has helped me a lot with motivating myself to find my own success in life.

My family has always motivated me. I know that I will never go to Harvard and be the editor of a major newspaper like my dad, or be quite the pioneer like my mom, who was the first news anchorwoman in America. Even with their successes looming over my life, they have always encouraged me to find ways to motivate myself. No matter how badly I would be doing in school or struggling with something in general, my parents really cared that I was giving one hundred percent. That I always tried. My motivation nowadays is simple: wake up. I love going to bed and simply waking up to a new day. I find you don’t really notice how fragile your life is until you experience death. I have already experienced the death of a friend of mine a long time ago, but nothing makes you notice how fragile life is until you lose a parent. I learned a lot of things as I was on my father’s side during his last days. For four days I held his hand, and during this time I realized with clarity something I have always known: the simple and extraordinary gift of being able to breathe with ease. Not being able to simply breathe and wake-up for me is like looking at death in the face. Therefore, the simple notion and gratitude I feel when going to bed and waking up in the morning is all the motivation I need to keep on learning and moving forward.

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