Life in a city or life in the country?

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

I recently attended the benefit gala for NCLD, which was held in New York City. From the windows of the ballroom, you could look out and see wide open views of the buildings and Central Park stretching in all directions. I love New York City. I love visiting, but I could never live there. I have always felt that it took a certain individual to live in NYC. Years ago, I lived there for a year when I attended the New York Film Academy and I immediately loved it. At the time I thought I would stay there for the rest of my life. After a few months though, I started to miss home. Not even just my family home, but my family farm as well. I have always known that I needed the city and country in my life, but I never really comprehended this idea until I was living and hitting the pavement in New York. I learned that I may be one part a “city slicker,” and one part someone who needed the country. There are of course things that cities like New York can offer that country life cannot, like walking out on the street and immediately being able to hail a cab and go somewhere exciting. Meeting up with friends both old and new is also much easier. Being a cultural capital, there is just no shortage of activities that you can do which I have and will always love about the city. Yet, I love the country because everything moves just a little bit slower. Billboards in the city are everywhere, compelling you to buy things you don’t really need. When I’m in the country, I could care less about buying anything. When I’m at the farm, time moves slower, the internet connection takes a little longer, and sometimes you even feel like you re stepping back in time a little bit, which is a feeling I really love. Instead of fields of cement, you see wide open fields where you can take in the horizon. Friends, family, and balance. This is why I personally need both my city and my country life.

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