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Spring Renewal

As I take in my mother’s blooming tulip trees, I am reminded that spring is here. To me this season has always signaled a time of new growth and redemption. We are always learning and bettering ourselves, and even though sometimes taking criticism from others can be tough, we need to learn to accept and take it in with grace and humility. Being able to take in constructive criticism is a way to stay on the path to finding a kind of new growth within yourself. This is also a season for redemption. However, before we can redeem ourselves, we need to figure out how we can change ourselves and become the person we want to be. This may sound harder than it actually is. It may require us to go back down memory lane and bring up the past, which can be hard. However, once we have investigated ourselves and meditated on the challenges of the past, we can finally figure out what in our life is keeping us from being our best selves. It takes forgiving ourselves to make things better. So if there is something that you need to work on, use this new season to start it now. Taking criticism, investigating yourself and finding forgiveness may seem hard at first. However, you’ll thank yourself in the long run and you will find that other people will like you even more because of it.


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