Behind the Scenes at a Photoshoot

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

I was extremely excited to have a photo shoot at my home here in DC. As my birthday approaches (I will be turning 33 in a month), I figured it was time to get some new images that showed the real me and the pride I have in my heritage. The experience was even more special as I got to work with a friend of mine, photographer Violetta Markelou. I’ve found that when you collaborate with a friend, the decisions are usually made together. I had a much easier time with the details like wardrobe, locations, even the little things like if I should shave my beard or not. Good photographers should make you feel good. I was surprised at how much confidence the photo shoot gave me. Having the photographer be a friend though was even better, as Violetta felt more at ease to express her feelings, and I felt easier about accepting her direction. I wasn’t at all excited to wear even a little dab of make-up or hairspray, but Violetta made it fun and as you can see, she clearly knows what she is doing. You can tell she enjoys doing her job.

Everyone has a unique look, and sometimes it takes a friend who understands who you are to bring that out of you. They can help make you look like your best self. I hope you enjoy some of these images as much as I had in taking them.


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