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Getting Involved

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

There are plenty of options for life outside of the classroom. Whether it is yearbook, or varsity football, the opportunity to get involved in your school community is prime. Go for it. Why should you get involved? Simple, it’s a great way to get connected to others, pursue a passion, or challenge yourself to discover something new. Connecting to clubs and extracurricular are enriching and a great way to meet others. Did I mention that colleges love this stuff? If you are sincere about your community, and participating within it, colleges take notice. I know this first hand. While not trying to pad my applications, I had inadvertently made myself an attractive applicant because I was so involved. Who knew? The whole time I was just trying to have fun. It’s a huge win/win. What to pick is always a big decision. Start with your passions. If you are an athlete, try out for a sport. If you like photography, head towards yearbook. Obvious. However, in the true sense of taking a risk, try something totally new. Never sang before, how do you know you can’t? Try it. Maybe you have the most fluid golf swing on earth but ever tried it. Additionally, you may be on the opposite end of the spectrum, and involved in everything. This is great; just make sure that you are still allowing enough time to fulfill your classroom obligations. Pick whatever looks interesting, and make a go of it. Whatever you do, just do something! Matt Lasota is Dean of Students at the Oxford Academy, an independent boys boarding school in Westbrook, CT, established in 1906 to educate young men seeking an alternative to the traditional classroom approach. Using a one-to-one classroom each student benefits from his teacher's undivided attention, gains self-confidence, attains academic success, and prepares for the future.


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