An Interview with Codpast Founder Sean Douglas

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

For my latest video interview, I would like to introduce you to Sean Douglas, an internet broadcaster and Chief Dyslexic at The Codpast, a, “place where the cool and creative side of Dyslexia is celebrated.” At The Codpast homepage, you can listen and subscribe to Sean’s monthly podcast, as well as view videos, read reviews, and even buy merchandise, all around the mission of celebrating dyslexia. Sean’s work is very similar to mine as he interviews all backgrounds of people to share their experience with dyslexia. He started The Codpast to raise awareness around dyslexia and let other people know that they were not alone. Sean himself has dyslexia and, like me, he had a hard time in school. He is based in London, England and is another new friend across the pond. Friends of Quinn is excited to bring you more from Sean. In the meantime, enjoy the interview, visit the site, and take a listen to this fresh and forward thinking leader in dyslexia awareness and celebration.

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