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Mid Year Assessment!

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

It’s February; winter is withering, where are you at? Time for a school reassessment! How did you get here? Are you satisfied?

For many upperclassmen, college is on your mind. Juniors, you are starting the wide-eyed magical college search. Your senior counterparts are nervously checking mail- boxes each day for the inevitable acceptance or dreaded alternative.

This can be a hard time for both groups, especially when it comes to focusing on your schoolwork load.

Seniors, senioritis should not even be a blip on your radar. Stay focused and start to understand that this is the time in your life to enjoy your large group of friends, family, and school community.

Also, you have to start thinking about your personal transition, and the homestretch of your high school experience.

For juniors, it’s imperative that you stick to working hard, as this year counts a great deal. So, at this midyear point, are you satisfied? Stop and take inventory of what you are doing, and how you feel about the effort you are projecting.

Sophomores, high school seems like it may never end! Trust me, it does. Keep raising your hand with questions, seeking help, and getting involved in the school community. Clubs, sports, theater etc…

Freshman, my tip for you this time of year is to feel comfortable. Your transition from September is in the rear view mirror;p you know where your classes are, right? Also, you should no longer be straining your back by toting your entire locker around in fear of being late. Deep breath, you got this! However, if you find yourself still anxious and having difficulties, let somebody know!

Asking yourself a few simple questions, and taking a moment to evaluate your experience usually goes a long way in getting honest feedback.

Matt Lasota is Dean of Students at the Oxford Academy, an independent boys boarding school in Westbrook, CT, established in 1906 to educate young men seeking an alternative to the traditional classroom approach. Using a one-to-one classroom each student benefits from his teacher's undivided attention, gains self-confidence, attains academic success, and prepares for the future.

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