Songs for My Dad

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

In the last year of my dad’s life, I have been posting a lot of songs that reminded me of him on Facebook. Looking back, there were a lot more than I thought. I wanted to share them on Facebook and now with you on Friends of Quinn to give people who never met my dad an idea of what kind of person he was. He was a father, a great grandfather, a man who loved his job and country and more than anything, he was a friend. Artist: Johnny Cash Song: Ain’t No Grave (Can Hold my Body Down) This song I dedicate to my father I’m proud to have Tennessee blood in my veins. I have always thought my father was the Johnny Cash of the newspaper world.

Artist: Pharrell Williams Song: Happy My father was a very happy man, and everybody seemed to want to be his friend. As stressful as his job was, he loved every minute of it and never let anything bring him down. He never let anybody or anything hold him back, and he was just happy no matter what happened to him. He knew what being happy really meant.

Artist: Ryan Adams Song: The Rescue Blues All my dad wanted in life was for other people to treat him as one of them, as an equal. Sometimes life is unfair and people want to see you fail. My father’s job was to pursue justice through journalism and seek out the truth. However, when you work to do what you feel is the right thing, people can get threatened by that and want to bring you down. My father never cared about what people thought though. He just pursued the truth and did his job. No matter what people said, he kept focused on bringing justice to the government and his country.

Artist: Willie Nelson Song: The Scientist Relationships in life are hard, and my dad hated when relationships didn’t work out, especially with his friends. My father loved people and he wanted to be your friend if you were a good person. He knew friendships took work and that it required a balance between the head and the heart.

Artist: When In Rome Song: The Promise My father was a father, a great grandfather and more than anything he was a friend. He was just as human and real and as colorful as you can probably imagine. He was always there and he was somebody you could always count on.


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