Being an Anglophile

A couple of years ago I was invited by my friend, Dr. Rachel Gow, to be a guest at Magdalen-College at Oxford University. I fell in love with it. While I was there, I met more great people, including Dr. Alexander “Alex” Richardson and Prof. Michael Crawford. They invited me to be part of a research group that will trace the genealogy of people with dyslexia. When I found that out, I felt that I had died and gone to heaven. They’ve also invited me to be a Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine, which I couldn’t believe. I was thrilled to receive both of these incredible opportunities. I will be going back to Oxford for a week at the end of October, and can’t wait to be in the city again, a

Friends of Quinn

Friends of Quinn is a program of the National Center for Learning Disabilities and is dedicated to providing resources for young people with learning differences

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